Junk Removal In Arizona

$59 1 Item Curbside Junk Removal in Arizona

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Single Item Junk Removal Includes

Appliance Removal, Mattresses Removal, Furniture Removal, Refrigerator Removal, TV Removal, Bicycle Removal, Large Bag Removal, and any other single item. Item must be in a drive up location like driveway or accessible alley.

Professional Curbside Junk Removal in Arizona

Most people who have a garage full of old junk are not holding on to the items for sentimental value. In fact, most of the time it’s a matter of inconvenience. Who has time to rent a big truck and haul a bunch of stuff down to the junkyard? The only people who has the time and resources needed, are the junk removal professionals.

Community and Environmental Factors of Junk Removal

The term “junk removal” is often misinterpreted as just trashing large items. However, professional junk removal service providers will not only dispose of your junk items, but recycle and donate the salvageable ones.

That old bed frame that has been taking up space in the garage for the last 5 years can be donated to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. with no extra effort from you. Using the services of a junk removal company also benefits the environment. Junk removal increases the amount of recycled items and decreases the daily additions to city dumps.

Hazards of Junk Removal

• Improperly disposing of old electronics can be dangerous. Electronic waste can contain harmful chemicals and materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium etc. Natural erosion and weathering that occurs in a dump, can cause such toxins to contaminate the soil.
• Old junk is bacteria prone. Another hazard of junk removal is the collection of dirt, debris and the possible presence of pest feces and mildew. If these factors are not properly assessed and taken care of, they can cause illness and a mold or insect infestation.
• Junk removal is physically strenuous. Not everyone has the correct lifting/loading technique. It is very easy to injure oneself when using improper techniques for heavy lifting. Let the trained professionals do the grunt work.

So, it’sut with the old, in with the new. Junk removal not only creates a safer living environment, but it is often described as therapeutic. Whether you are making room for new stuff or just making room, it’s always good to take a load off.