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Fountain Hills Junk Removal upholds Fountain Hills’ reputation as having some of the most beautiful views in the Valley. The residences reflect the same standards in appearance, by keeping their yards and homes looking at their best.

Fountain Hills Junk RemovalThe City Of Fountain Hills considers Outside Storage as the location of any goods, wares, merchandise, commodities, junk, debris or any other item outside of a completely enclosed building for a continuous period longer than 24 hours.

With the exception of retail sales displays in an
approved commercial area, outdoor storage shall be screened from
public view by a six (6) foot – high solid masonry fence or a fence or screening of a height and material as allowed or required by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The presence of hazardous materials not to be used on-site is prohibited.

By having any debris not inside a fenced area for more than 24 hours, or out in plain site could in a fine from the city.

Avoid those fines and have your property back in top shape quickly by reaching out to Super Junk Removal for Fountain Hills Junk Removal.

Keep Fountain Hills beautiful with Super Junk Removal
There’s a wrong way and a right way to handle Fountain Hills junk removal. Old junk that’s collecting dust in storage. Getting rid of excess junk has been proven to be therapeutic. Don’t ruin your therapy dealing with the stresses that the City junk removal service adds to the process. Call Super Junk Removal today in order to get your junk dealt with in the most simple and efficient way possible.

Fountain Hills Junk Removal

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