Hot Tub Removal

Removing your hot tub can be annoying, we can help!

Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal can be a tough job! If you are looking to reclaim part of your yard and need an unsightly Hot Tub removed from your property, contact us! Super Junk Removal can get that Hot Tub out of the way. We service Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale & Tempe and everything in between.

When they are brand new, a Hot Tub can be great! The American name brand has become synonymous with all types of whirlpool tubs and hot tub spas or other basins with massaging jets. Over time, if not properly maintained these products may clog, break or lose parts like pumps that render them unusable. Sometimes the style of the hot tub may be dated, and it’s time to have the Hot Tub hauled off.

After contacting Super Junk Removal for Hot Tub Removal services, drain the unit by attaching a water hose to the drain at the bottom and evacuating any water that may be in the tub itself and it’s plumbing. We can take it from there!

Our crew will come out and dismantle the Jacuzzi and get it out of your way so that you may enjoy the reclaimed space on your property!

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