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For Tempe Junk Removal, consider the professionals at Super Junk Removal. The city of Tempe offers one bulk junk removal service which takes place once every two months. It seems convenient that the city offers this service, however, there are some downfalls:

Collection Amount.

The city limits your junk pick-up to a pile of about 15 feet long, 6 ft. high and 3 ft. deep. This amounts to approximately the size of a pickup truck bed. This is the only amount of junk that the city junk removal will accept for those two months.

Limited Pick-up Items.

The city of Tempe junk removal service is not equipped to handle hazardous materials. There are many limits one what you can and cannot have picked up. The city won’t accept any of the following items:

  • Appliances with Freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, ac units)
  • Hazardous materials (paints, oil)
  • Construction remodeling waste (drywall, flooring and roofing materials)
  • Tires


Because the city of Tempe’s junk removal service is bi-monthly, they put out a schedule at the start of every year. The schedule determines the day that they come and an approximate time, with a wide window. Tenants and homeowners often times run into the issue of needing junk removal services on their off months. For instance, a move out date, spring cleaning or upgrading on new appliances are not always going to match up with your city sanctioned junk removal date. Also note that if junk is left outside of the residence for more than 10 days the city of Tempe are subject to implement hefty fines.

Go with Super Junk Removal

If you want to get your junk out safely, efficiently and on your time, hire a junk removal service. Our junk removal specialists at Super Junk Removal will cater to the needs of the customer while properly disposing of all items.

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